Smoked Salmon, Avocado & Cucumber Sushi

Needed a quick dinner last night.  So I looked in the fridge creating this with what I had:


1 package of wild-caught smoked salmon

1 avocado

bowl of cucumber salad (made the day before and my recipe can be found here )


1.  Slice the smoked salmon into long sort-of-thin strips it if not already (set aside and laid flat)

2.  Cut avocado, scoop innards into bowl and chop up with spoon.  (A bit mashed and a little chunky)

3.  Add salt to taste to avocado (&XCT Oil if you desire)

4.  Take avocado and spread thinly and evenly on salmon slices

5.  Lay cucumber slices on top of the avocado.  (I used cucumber salad slices I had which gave it a nice tangy touch to the mix.  But you could use regular cucumber slices.)

6.  Roll/fold up and eat.


You could get fancier with this if you want, but I thought it was a pretty good mix of veggie, protein & fat in a pinch.




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