Some Funny Reactions People Give You When You Describe Bulletproof

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So a little about me.  I started bulletproof on January 1st of this year and the results have been amazing. Not only am I down 12 pounds in a month and half, but my energy has increased twofold and some skin issues I had (nothing major, just flaky skin on my face near my eyebrows and under my eyes on my cheek) have completely vanished. I look and feel great. 


People at work, friends and others noticed.. I've spent countless hours reading up on BP and have a great understanding of why and how it works. When I explain BP, I inexplicably get looks of horror, especially from women that are constantly trying to lose weight. A typical conversation goes like this: "Wow, it's amazing you were able to trim down so quickly and look so energetic and focused, what does the diet include" 

"Well, it involves butter and oil in my coffee, healthy, grass fed meats and organic veggies" 

"Butter?? Meat? No sugar or carbs?" 


"I would never do that diet!! I could never eat butter!! Butter is bad and full of fat! So is meat!!!" Congrats on it working for you but that diet is crazy" 



I try to explain that it's not a diet. That it's a lifestyle. I've never been in to dieting but it seems like the diet industry has these people brainwashed to the point where they have visceral reactions to the concept of BP and eating healthy fats. Pretty funny and sad if you ask me. 


  • everyone will be horrified at first, because everyone knows fat and cholesterol and butter are unhealthy and everyone knows fruit and whole grains and margarine and fat free fruit flavored yogurt are good for you. 

    My coworkers gaze in horror when I make a 400 or so calorie bulletproof coffee with mct oil and butter, but have no issues with others drinking an 880 calorie  "reduced fat" McDonalds milkshake. They ask if I'm trying to force a heart attack on myself when I open a bag of pork rinds, even as they are eating from a big bag of Lays sour cream and onion potato chips (oh no these are healthy - they're baked). 

    "I wish I could eat bacon and eggs like you, but I'm trying to eat healthy. I eat Yoplait strawberry yogurt and a plain bagel for breakfast, and only granola bars and orange juice for my morning snack."


    I have a coworker I eat lunch with. 25 years old. Spends $20 at the gas station every morning for his food, which consists of candy bars, potato chips, granola bars and Coke. He says he eats like this because its too expensive to eat real food. When I explain that my BP lunch costs $5-10, he'll tell me how he needs the sugar for energy, and how if he eats fatty food he'll get fat and have no energy. Then he lays his head on his desk for four hours trying to stay conscience.

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