Raw Honey In Bulletproof Vanilla Latte... Two Questions

1. So Dave mentions if you do a BP vanilla latte at night for the MCT and other goodies, not to mix honey with protein.  Either get the muscle benefit by taking collagen, or get the brain/sleep benefit by using raw honey.  Am I understanding this right?  I was hoping the honey could naturally sweeten the latte a bit.  


2. Just like near-boiling water will "cook" whey protein, wouldn't hot water in the latte also cook the raw honey, making it no longer raw?  I thought Dave mentioned this, but I have the AudioBook so of course it's impossible to remember where he said this in the book.  If that's true, I could take the latte at like 9pm and then at 10:30pm right before bed take the honey, so that the honey isn't cooked?  But then he says to mix the honey with MCT oil for max benefits...  gah!   Maybe I could do a cold vanilla latte would solve this.  Any other ideas?





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