Supplements For Spouse Of Cancer Fighter

I've a friend who's wife is battling Stage 4 breast cancer. She's kicking some ass, but it's been a long haul. As I was listening to my friend tell me all about his wife, I asked what he was doing to keep himself performing at a high level - all the stress he's under, still raising 4 young children, working two jobs, etc. His response, nothing..... not even a multi-vitamin.


I'd like to tap the Bulletproof community and ask: what supplement/vitamin "stack" do you recommend?


What top three or four things could I provide my buddy with to hopefully help him stay healthy, focused and energized as he captains his family through this? Suggested suppliers/brands for those, too?


Keep in mind he's starting from zero - no vitamins, no supplements, etc. Straightforward and not too many individual things are essential otherwise I don't think he'll stick with it. 


CoQ10, for example, with maybe one or two additional things is what first came to my mind.


Thanks in advance to anyone with suggestions!


- Nate




  • sorry to read this. People have contracted burn out in less dire situations, with or without supplements. Partners of cancer patients need support, any support, social or practical, yes and why not nutraceutical. If he is into supplements at all. I'd think also b-complex and magnesia. But taking good care of yourself involves more than supplements. Sometimes it helps if a good friend reminds you to not forget yourself, if you are so busy taking care of others.
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