Cold Therapy - Pre And Post Questions

I've been tinkering with various types of cold therapy since reading about it in tim's 4hb. During the summer here in florida I was just doing upper back cold packs, now that its winter time I have access to an outside pool as well as the ocean which are both really freaking cold.


Anyways, my main question is how to optimize the affects no matter what method I'm using as far as prep and follow up. If I freeze for xyz minutes, do I need to go from that extreme to maintaining a certain amount of lower temp for a certain amount of time to avoid putting a halt to the beneficial effects?


Or can I get out of the chilled pool or night air and get right into a hot tub or hot shower or heated room right away. Are the hormonal and metabolic effects that I'm going for from the cold therapy set in motion and thats that, or can getting too warm too fast again blunt or completely squash the good effects?


Similar question for anything else that might help or hinder my purpose by doing or not doing something pre or post cold. Diet, supplemets, whatever.


I'm going to start getting into the pool right after my weight training and sprint workouts for a few minutes unless someone has a better idea.

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