Bulletproof Cashew Butter!

This is so good, and best of all it's bulletproof! The amounts I use are what fit in my Ninja food processor. I'm sure a Vitamix works even better and you could double all the ingredients. Also, to get the maximum nutrition from the cashews you should probably soak, rinse and dry them but it's not necessary.

2 cups organic raw whole cashews

1-4 tbsp MCT oil (1= extra crunchy, 4= extra creamy. I like 3)

1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

Blend cashews til they are fine and powdery (you can coarsely chop some and mix in later for chunky cashew butter). Add MCT oil and salt and blend to desired consistency. You may need to stop, scrape sides down with a spatula and reblend a few times to get it all mixed up.

Store sealed in the fridge and use within a week. (This won't be a problem!) Delicious dip for veggies and fruit, mixed with egg yolk and butter for raw cookies, or just eaten with a spoon!


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