Dry Eyes But Only While I Sleep

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Does anyone have a theory about the cause and possible remedy for dry eyes?


My eyes get very dry at night. If I wake up during the night it can be painful to open my eyes.  I need to carefully pull my lids away from the surface of my eye.  This started in my early 40's; I am 49 now.


I don't have an issue with dry eyes during the day. Only when I sleep.


I did see an optician for it and he had a couple of ideas:


  • My eyes didn't close entirely while I slept.
  • Inflammation of the tear ducts and/or the eyes (from being dry) and cannot recall exactly what he said as it was some time ago. He prescribed me a steroid eye drop but, as I recall there was some risk/down side to using these drops.


I never used the drops because it seemed like it was a wild ass guess. And it was a pain the ass.


Any ideas? Now that I am more health conscious and proactive I thought I should revisit this.



  • Hi, did you ever find a solution to this? I have a similar issue and am once again searching for solutions. It usually seems to start in Autumn when the temperature outside drops and the windows condense the moisture out of the air. I wake in the night or the morning with very sore eyes and nasal passages and sometimes throat. All dried out. This really sucks badly as it starts me off in an awful mood and often with lack of sleep.

    I've just tried 'Optrex Night Resore' gel drops, with no improvement (and quite expensive). I also tried Olbas oil (menthol, eucalyptus, etc) dropped on a tissue , put in my pillowcase, to see if it stimulated mucus production. Also no improvement noticed. The gel does soothe if applied on waking.

    Tonight I am going to try applying coconut oil to the inside of my nose and over my eyelids before bed. I am also going to try sleeping with the window slightly open to see if this keeps the air fresher. Please let me know if you tried other things and what worked for you.


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