I've been wondering about L-Theanine, a few specific things. Generally 200-400mgs per day is the recommended amount. I started on that..but noticed it stopped having an effect after about a week..so I upped the dose to 800 a day..then 800 stopped working..So I upped it to 1200mgs. Which seems to be working well. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about long term use at a high dose.


Secondly, I'm about to purchase 1000 grams from Liftmode, it's in the powdered form, can I just mix it in water and down it that way.. or does it have to be encapsulated..or under the tongue?


I've been to the doctor, did the blood work, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so he wasn't sure where the anxiety is coming from, he wanted me to do an EEG, but he'd have to make an appointment that's 2 hours away..and I can't afford to miss work, I didn't think that would help to figure out why my anxiety is suddenly worsening. 


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  • The Suntheanine version of L-Theanine is way more concentrated and in my opinion the best out there, a bit more here:


    "L-Theanine (Suntheanine®) is not an extract of green tea, but is produced via a fermentation process that results in the purest form of L-theanine available. Human clinical research suggests that a pure form of L-Theanine called Suntheanine® naturally stimulates activity in the brain known as alpha waves, which are associated with a relaxed but alert mental state."


    Dosage for Suntheanine is between 50-200mg, anything over that the body will not use.

  • The adaptogen Siberian Rhodiola Rosea is also very good for anxiety, there's a lot of crappy chinese versions around so the Russian one is the way to go.  Another good quality adaptogen is Ashwagandha KSM-66.  Taking the two together can have good effects.

  • Siberian Rodiola.. I see I purchased the wrong one then lol.. I had heard about that but ended up getting.. Siberian Eleuthero, I guess that was for Kidney health. I'll purchase the Rodiola now and try that. I have Ashwaghanda, I take that with the Theanine.


    Just got a bottle of Theanine Serene, purchased it awhile ago, going to try it now and see what it's like. Thanks for the input.


    As for SunTheanine, I've been wanting to try that, none of the vendors I frequent sell it though

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