What Kind Of Small Handheld Container To Hold Travel Sized Mct Oil?

Not going to bring the entire container of MCT oil with me to lunch. 


I'm thinking of making a small kit for meals

- small handheld vial or tube of MCT 

- kerrygold butter

- small vial of salt

- a little spoon or two


What type of material should I use to carry the MCT?


What about the kerrygold butter (which will either cut off a stick of butter or spooned out of tube) ? 


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    For my octane, I use a stainless steel pocket flask with a brain icon engraved on it.

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  • I've been considering this, even for actual TRAVEL purposes - such as flying with MCT/BOO. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to create small 85 ML containers that have a thin sheet of glass inside, with a wrapping of solid plastic (or something else) for durability purposes. Then a person could fly, happily, knowing that no plastic is touching their MCT/BOO, and that the glass won't get shattered by jostles :)


    I see some potential winning here... :D And a lot more BPC travelling executives!

  • How about


    what kind of materials should you avoid to contain the brain octane? 


    Dave talks about using glass containers- that's not practical because it could break. What are your next best options that are easily obtainable and where does stainless steel rank in the list? 

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    What type of material should I use to carry the MCT

    Dave's xct & octane come in Type 2 plastic bottles...why not just look for small Type 2 plastic bottles

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    Why not ship your supplies ahead of you in a box? They arrive at the hotel, you pick them up when you check in, boom. Likewise for toiletries, buy those things when you get there or mail them ahead.


    Executives, what about those assistants you have? Outsource these travel woes to them. Think like executives! These are all "travel expenses" and should never, ever, EVER have to be an out of pocket worry for you. These are pre-tax travel expense dollars at work for you like tiny triglyceride employees who's job is to be there on time and fuel your money making brain. Your shipping costs are not personal costs, those are corporate supplies that must be there ON TIME for you to conduct your business, sealed in an air tight shipping container that was purchased by your corporation for precisely that purpose. This container might just have a backup french press or Aeropress just in case you have a working breakfast or power brunch.


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  • nalgene makes some BPA free airline compliant travel bottles that should work.

  • I picked up a small liquid container at REI, they have glass and silicone ones also.

    For longer trips I have a martinellis apple juice glass container and an upcycled coconut water container, 8oz each. I measure with a cough drop measuring cup or the spoon from my whey protein.

    Butter I melt and put in a platypus or keep in a soap container precut for 1 BPC and wrapped in parchment.
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    ...did you just say you melt butter and put it in a platypus?

  • I have a Rubbermaid insulated lunch sack that I put everything in.  I just take the bottle of MCT oil as is with a large medicine dropper (cause it drips when you pour from the bottle), a bag of coffee, glass container of butter with a snap top found in kitchen ware aisle of most stores and even my emersion blender which comes apart in two pieces and a little filter I got on Amazon (Brew Buddy)  That way it's all in one place I can carry it to the kitchen if I'm staying at someone's home or have it ready in hotel room all in one container.  At home I do decant the oil into a glass cruet with pour spout, which is brilliant.

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    Has anyone noticed that olive oil companies solved that annoying drip problem by building a pouring spout into their bottles? I haven't seen an MCT oil yet that has a good spout.

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