Vitamin D3 Dosing Question - Need Help!

Hi all - I am new to the forum but have found this site incredibly helpful. I have had sleeping issues for a few years now that is really starting to take its toll. I mostly experience daily mental lethargy, inability to focus during the day, long sleep time (8-8.5 vs. 7 hrs, which is what I used to sleep with solid results), hard to waking up and getting out of bed - all of which I believe are driven by poor circadian rhythm due to lack of REM. 


After reading this site, I deciding to try dosing with vitamin d3. I bought 5000 iu pills from garden of life, and tried one in the evening with dinner. Needless to say, I slept like a rock, getting just 5-6 hours, but woke up feeling great and better than I've felt in years. I thought I had found the cure. The next day, I did the same, with fairly similar results. However, the next night, I took it, and woke up feeling as I had gotten little to no REM.  I decided to start dosing in the morning, and unfortunately, had the same problem - sleeping 8 or so hours, and not feeling fresh or sharp when waking up. Getting through the day has been a challenge, although I do feel slightly better than I did before I started the pills.


I am starting to think the body was at a deficiency at the beginning (which is why i could take 5000 iu d3 at night and sleep great), and that now perhaps I am 'oversupplied' and need to reduce the dose. I am just disheartened that it worked so well the first few days and now I am struggling again even though I moved the dose to the morning. I am also considering stacking a lower d3 dose with magnesium to see if that helps. 


If anyone has similar experiences, or any advice, I would greatly appreciate it!





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    It's true that too high levels of d3 can give the same symptoms as a deficit. But it take some time to overdose, especially with the amounts you are taking. You could have your blood testedfor d deficiency.

    Vit d needs magnesium and vit K2 to do its good work. I take the k2 from Life Extension Foundation, best I know.

    On I found this interesting podcast. If you levels are low, the argument goes, it't because your body countermands the effect of too much calcium entering the cell. Cells with excess calcium slow down and are dysfunctional. Old age is full of calcium rich cells. Brain: Alzheimer; coronary. arteria:plaques, joints (arthritis), heart (arityhmias, cardiomyopathy), kidney and bladder (stonesc. On the other hand, you can have osteoporosis (not enough calcium in your bones. Regardless your blood level of vitamin d it's no use to supplement with d, since the task to put calcium where it belongs (bones, teeth) falls to vitamin k2. So take baths with Epsom salts and take a k2 supplement and see what happens.
  • Great point - what is a good pairing dose of k2/magnesium for d3, in general?

  • The official dose is 4000 IE d3, 2000 mcg K2, magnesium orally as much as you can handle without diarrhea. You can also take baths with epsom salts, as magnesium is better taken up by the skin. But the recommendation from this podcast is not to take d3, only k2 and magnesium.

    Came across an older thread in this forum

    Supplementing D3 May Be Bad For Us? Link Inside

    Started by Rod, Mar 05 2013 07:03 AM

    (Sorry, can't copy the link from my ipad). This thread is very informative about other risks of d supplementation. It very well could be that extra vit d is only good for healthy people, not for the chronically diseased. I've stopped supplementing with d3.
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