Ketosis - Urine - Ammonia

quick question.. 


each mid morning, after my BP coffee , Brain Octane, Butter concoction i notice a strong ammonia smell from my urine.. 

Is that a marker for ketosis ?


  • When urine begins to smell like ammonia, it usually means one of two things. First, it could be that you are a bit dehydrated and therefore your urine is more concentrated. All urine has ammonia which is a normal product of the metabolism of protein. Your urine should smell a little bit like ammonia, and this smell is enhanced by the urine being more concentrated. Sometimes urine smells stronger when there has been a change in your diet.  Another possibility is that your urine is infected with a bacteria. Some bacteria can feed on different compounds in the urine making it smell quite bad. Usually if you are in ketosis acetone is released in sweat and your breath smells of acetone or a "fruity" smell. Only way to know for certain is a blood ketone meter, which is what I use. The urine strips are not a good indicator of ketosis. Hope this helps some! 

  • Greatly appreciate the response..

    Confused a bit  if dehydrated.. 

    I start w/ about 4-6 oz of lemon water every morning - followed by BP Coffee  - followed by a couple glasses of my Tea Stack (green tea / herbal tea).


    I drink water at home  -2-3 glasses a night.. 


    Infection ???  Well didn't think so but guess it's possible somehow.. 

    thanks again . 

  • Do you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables?  


    In the body building forums I'd follow this would happen to people the first time they started eating "clean" (more protein/meats in their diet) and the root cause was always a lack of hydration and fruits/veggies in their diet.

  • thanks.. Lack of fruit possibly.. been clean for about 1.5yrs. thus far..   NOt 100% BP but chipping away at it.. 

    Thanks all again!

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