What Time Is Best To Drink Bp Coffee In The Morning?

Hey. If I rise at 6:00, get ready and travel for 2 hours, get to class for a 9am start (for a full day worth of lectures)...what time should I actually drink my coffee?



  • I would probably take mine on the road and sip it as I travel.
  • No correct answer for this -  on a full day like this I personally like to start drinking the bp coffee 30 minutes or so before the action starts and not first thing upon getting out of bed - you should be able to tell which time works after a week or so of this and playing around with the time, see what works best for you, your gut, alertness later in the day, etc.

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    Totally up to you. I would probably drink it after traveling, unless during travel you can do something useful. 

  • That's a pretty long fasting window. If I were in your situation, I would drink it while traveling, and then get hungry about halfway through the day regardless of initial fat I consumed. WHOMP WHOMP.

    My technique is that I have about two mugs worth each day. I space the fat out... usually no more than one tbsp butter and one tsp of BO per mug. Some people also do a giant thermo, which is fine so long as it stays hot.

    I would test how you do before your first day at class. Consider prepping an extra mug ahead of time. That is, with GF butter, BO/MCT and a blender ball prepped and ready to go.. just add the best coffee you can find, cover and (carefully) shake like crazy and you're good to go.

    Also consider bringing snacks like veggies, raw nuts,an avocado with pink sea salt, and/or sardines if you have a discreet place to eat them without offending anyone... haha.
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    One on the road, one for during classes?

    Or maybe one upon waking (I usually omit the MCT/BrainOctane from the first one, don't need the fast-acting energy, per se), then take one to go with Brain Octane.

    What suits your lifestyle, how your body responds?

    The caffeine in the morning will help get you going, for sure... the butter fat will take a while to digest and become an active fuel source (2-3 hours, I've heard), whereas the MCT/Brain Octane will be quicker (not sure on the timing exactly, I assume it's within half an hour).

    I think Dave generally has one early morning and one mid-morning?  If I recall correctly, from some early podcast.  Then he often has a late lunch blended soup (cf. Bulletproof Cookbook) with collagen powder, blended veggies, and butter.

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