Run On Fat Movie Premieres Tomorrow (March 1)

"Run on Fat" charts Sami's remarkable 5 year transition into an even faster, healthier, fat adapted endurance athlete  - what he eats, how he trains and the significance of his relationship with fellow Stanford alumni and New York Times Bestselling author Dr Phinney.


As Sami embarks on an epic 4,000 km, unsupported ocean row with his wife Meredith, the pitfalls of fat adaptation for athletes get answered where and when it really matters - in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Dr Phinney has been advocating fat as fuel for 30+ years, but his message has been dimmed by misinformation and multi billion dollar commercial interests. 


Now, as evidence emerges of world class athletes adopting his principles and increasingly turning their backs on pasta, gels, and sports drinks - embracing lower carbohydrate, high fat diets (LCHF) with remarkable results in some cases - "Run on Fat" challenges the very foundations of sports nutrition.


As Sami and Meredith confront the equivalent of 2 marathons per day for 60 consecutive days, they throw convention overboard and redefine the life's work of a scientist who would not be silenced. 




It should be a good one to check out.


  • Thanks very much for this, you introduced me to the movie which I didn't know about. Always interested in documentaries by different people that reassure me the path I am on is right.

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