Gold Medal Body

I have been searching for a new workout routine and somehow found this gem. I have done typical body building workouts for the past 12 years, currently 36 year old. But realize how much I needed a change. So I started parallette training Monday Wednesday Friday with Yogalign Tuesday Thursday. I have kept a squat, pullup and deadlift weight workout for Saturdays. Also been playing with primal flow routine after workouts. I feel like a kid again! It's fun and my 6 year old daughter can workout with me most days. She would tell me all the time, daddy don't go to the gym just stay and play with me.

I have only been at this for one month but plan keeping with it until the end of year. I will be video my progress. I am excited about learning new exercises and movement patterns rather than trying to bench 400.

I will keep yall updated. Please check it out!
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