Dhea For Women Over 40

any thoughts on whether I should try the DHEA cream or sublingual spray? I read that the cream converts more to testosterone (maybe better for men) The pill converts more to estrogen but can be hard on the liver. (Just read about those conversions somewhere but not sure how true it is) My liver is already taxed from all the detoxing I'm doing, so maybe the sublingual spray from Metagenics? I havent had my hormones tested since doing all of this detoxing ( mold remediation) and I feel like things have improved, but could be better. Im waiting for test results but I'm sure at least my DHEA is low.


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    Hi, I was on DHEA for three months.  I took the micronised tablets.  I took NAC and supergreens (spiralina, wheatgrass, chlorella etc) to mitigate any liver and estrogen overload issues.  I had no ill side effects - no hair loss and my skin felt great.  Hair *was* oily but it's normally dry so I didn't really mind.


    I stopped taking it and switched to pregnenolone because we were TTC and I wanted to be sure my ovaries weren't getting too much testosterone.  I figured I could use some extra progesterone on account of being over 40 too.  I was only on pregnenolone for about 5-6 days when I discovered I'm pregnant so I guess I won't know really what the difference is.    Yes, so DHEA does increase the occurance of spontaneous (and unexpected!) pregnancy because it will increase ovarian reserve and improve egg quality.    So you might want to be aware of that in case a pregnancy would be a bad thing for you. 

  • Thanks for your reply. I did get some blood work done and everything was normal except my estradiol and my DHEA was at the lower end of normal. When I look up symptoms of low DHEA and low Eastadiol, I have them all, so I think supplementing may be beneficial. IVe responded poorly to BHRT in the past but did well on DHEA. So, I'd like to try it again. I now have it narrowed down to sublingual micronized DHEA, 5 mg or 5-15 mg DHEA cream. Any brands or suggestions?


  •  Any brands or suggestions?



    Sorry, I'm in Australia where you can only get it at compound pharmacies - with a prescription. 


    But good luck!

  • I decided to try the Natural Radiance brand. It's in a cream base that is pretty natural and each pump has only 5 mg. So far, I've been on it 3 days. Too soon to tell.


  • I decided to try the Natural Radiance brand. It's in a cream base that is pretty natural and each pump has only 5 mg. So far, I've been on it 3 days. Too soon to tell.


    Please keep us updated.   I am really interested in this topic.  Thanks and good luck.

  • Well, I took the 5 mg DHEA for a while and had to eventually stop. I got terrible hot flashes while taking it. They were very very mild and only at night before I started. Ended up getting significantly worse at night and even started durimg the day. I got a bit tachy too (heart rate got to 123 just standing doing nothing). I already have to be careful not to get dehydrated due to some issues with low antidiuretic hormone so the sweating during the hot flashes was not good. It's too bad. In theory I seemed to be a perfect candidate for DHEA. I wonder if I would do better with oral supplements. My reaction is confusing to me.
  • well, my doc gave me some  homeopathic stuff for the hot flashes so I'm giving DHEA another try. the hot flashes were about 95% gone in a couple days so I started the DHEA again at that time. so far so good. I'm taking the 5 mg cream 2x a day. 

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