Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity May Be Real After All...

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Stumbled upon this on Facebook just now. Interesting stuff. It's only one study, of course, but it seems like a good one. Don't have access to the full study, unfortunately.


From the abstract:

RESULTS: According to the per-protocol analysis of data from the 59 patients who completed the trial, intake of gluten significantly increased overall symptoms compared with placebo (P=.034). Abdominal bloating (P=.040) and pain (P=.047), among the intestinal symptoms, and foggy mind (P=.019), depression (P=.020), and aphthous stomatitis (P=.025), among the extra-intestinal symptoms, were significantly more severe when subjects received gluten than placebo.


In a cross-over trial of subjects with suspected NCGS, the severity of overall symptoms increased significantly during 1 week of intake of small amounts of gluten, compared with placebo.


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  • It's always been real.  The media took hold of a study and misrepresented the results - 



    The study that confused people actually showed that people with IBS were being irritated by fructans in wheat (FODMAPs) and only a few 8% by gluten.  But, many people were becoming depressed and that was attributed to gluten:



    "In contrast, the induction of current feelings of depression following the consumption of gluten in this study points to a causative (not associative) role of gluten on mental state."


    Given that this study eliminated people with genetic markers for gluten disorders it's pretty telling that gluten still caused gut irritation in 8% of the participants and caused depressive symptoms in many more.


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