Crippling Leg Cramps Anyone?

My mother, father, brother, and I have been on this diet for a year now and we all get these terrible leg cramps. I am in bed at night and I feel a cramp coming on so I push my foot up and hold it there till the cramp subsides. My mother explained it very well. Her leg starts hurting and the foot moves to the toe pointing position then curves inward, then a surge of pain knots in her calf and it is unbearable pain. She has to have my father massage it out.


This has happened to all of my family members who are on this diet. Does anybody know how to stop this from happening? Is there a supplement we are not taking? Is this happening to anyone else? We all take Dave's XCT oil, Brain Octane oil, Dave's Collagen, and his coffee also.  


I sure hope you can help, Thank you, Anna


  • you need more magnesium

  • Try natural calm at night. Agree re: magnesium.
  • I feel for you guys. I got these about once a month. Thinking back I think it was often as a result of being lower in electrolytes (I used to work in a hot warehouse,  drank tons of water and never added salt). I also remember it happening more after drinking beer. 


    I changed my diet and started supplementing and happily I no longer get them. It's hard to point to one change that brought that about. I'll join the "try magnesium!" chorus here and in this thread. I take one serving (two caps) of these every night before bed. Fortunately it's not an expensive.


    I've also heard suggestions that a lack of potassium could be the culprit. I used to supplement that  too, but dropped it in lieu of having a banana, cacao powder, a bit of a nut butter and grass-fed yogurt as an after-dinner dessert most weeknights.


    I also found these suggestions here courtesy of Mark Sisson. His suggestions are aimed at people eating the primal diet, which isn't too far off from this one. Mark suggested: 



    • Eat leafy greens (and yogurt if you can).
    • Use salt.
    • Supplement with magnesium.
    • Try knocking yourself out of ketosis; consider a carb refeed.
    • Try taurine.
    • Tie your carb intake to your activity level.
    • Track your current meds and see if there are any potential conflicts.


    Good luck and let us know what works for you and your family! 

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    I get these cramps, as well.

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    this is from the body using electrolytes stored in bones and muscles to keep the pH balanced

    most people on BPC will hit this wall eventually, unless there is an abundance of trace minerals..  I use this: for acute problems like you are describing and for maintenance....  aaand I'm totally cramp free.

    using "natural calm" might have a similar result but honestly those type of raw rock supplements do more harm than good

  • there is a good source for this on reddit/keto.  you need to increase your salt, magnesium, potassium.  


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