Gluten-Free And Grass-Fed Dining In Minnesota...

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I just ate at a great restaurant in MN...thought I'd share my story about Red Cow here for anyone in or travelling to the area near Minneapolis/St. Paul. They don't have any caprylic acid (yet!) but who knows, maybe someday, right? For the time being, they offer a really thoughtful restaurant design for true gluten-free eaters, and they don't just half-ass it by throwing your burger on a leaf of lettuce or throwing it on a plate and giving you a fork. Friers segregated for fries only, grass-fed beef options, big selection of GF beers (relatively speaking!) including a dedicated gluten-free beer tap so the lines will never be cross-contaminated.

Starting to gain traction...even in flyover country.


  • Brasa is another good option in the twin cities, they have two locations. Everything on the menu is gluten free except for corn muffins. They also try to source local stuff (not grassfed though). I just went to Cafe Ena in uptown the other day and all but one item on their menu was gluten free, they also had grassfed beef and almost all their seafood was wild caught. The Strip Club is another good option most of their stuff is gluten free and they serve only grassfed beef. Kind of a cool story actually their chef used to be a vegan but saw that buddhists well raised yak and decided he could eat grassfed beef.


    Obviously no restaraunt is probably even close to BP but these are some decent options.

  • Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man

    Huh, I didn't realize Strip Club was grass-fed committed, thanks for pointing that out!  It'll be nice when cheat days aren't actually cheating and while perhaps not bulletproof your celebrations with friends (who care less about this lifestyle than they do about indulgence and having fun) aren't dietary setbacks or require a detox day or charcoal. What I really liked about Red Cow was the thought that went into really creating a dining experience for gluten-free eaters that doesn't feel like a sacrifice. And that their staff is trained in a way that once they know your restrictions there's no doubt that they'd bring you hidden gluten. We just ate the very next day at Corner Table and the difference was striking. Several times the waiter had to go back to the kitchen to get confirmation on annoying for him and the cooks! We're used to that but it also makes us feel like a bother. And guess what? One of the appetizers our group ordered came with gluten in a component and as he sat it down apologized because he "totally spaced it" when we ordered. C'est la vie we worked around it but I don't envision that happening often at Red Cow because of their approach. Which I'd absolutely love to see spread to more things like using grass-fed, pastured meats/dairy. Special occasions should feel special, not induce guilt or be a hassle. And having a dogmatic eating approach tends to make that difficult and sort of embarrassing when with friends--not that I care because these decisions make me feel good all the time! When at a place we can trust (because of their approach) those of us in the cult don't even need to ask and we can focus on the topics of conversation with friends instead.

  • Thanks for the info! As a Minnesotan and a new-comer to the forums, I appreciate it!! When I first read about the Bulletproof Coffee Shop opening in California, my first thought was that Minnesota would be a prime location for something like this! With the coffee culture and health-conscious population we have, it seems like it would be well-received here...Keep updating this as you come across good Twin Cities options! 

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