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Decided to put this under "Wealth Hacking" but really I would consider it more "Performance Hacking" with wealth being quite optional.


I've been reading more on the effects of different doses of Modalert (Modafinil).


Based on some interesting feedback on different websites dating back to 2007 and up to present day, I tried "n=1" expiriments using 1/4 tablet (of the 200mg) on up to full tablet to see what effect smaller doses had on me.  I tried 50mg on two separate days, 100mg maybe 7 times, and 150mg 2x, and the effects on me were all to a lesser degree than the full 200mg pill.


After extended time off from modafinil, even the 1/2 pill (100mg) had a pretty strong response, but for me it only lasted a few hours before tapering off to almost no noticable effect.  The smaller doses (50mg) were virtually worthless for me, and the 150mg had a better, stronger, longer lasting effect than the 100mg, but noticably less than the 200mg.  I guess if I were rationing out a dwindling supply...the 150mg was a sweet spot for still getting the reaction I desired...but the 200mg dose was the best of the lot, noticably and consistantly better than the rest.


My point here is to ask fellow bio-hackers if you have ventured deeper into the water, and how was the journey?


I have never taken more than 200mg in a 24 hour period.  I have read enough to be satisfied that stepping up for short bursts would not be too risky, IMO.  I've read of people taking mega doses of like 12 of the 200mg pills spread out over a 24-36 hour period, trying for a recreational drug effect, but that is pushing the boundaries into a "you are asking for trouble" zone.  I see prescriptions for up to 600mg per day, and studies where 800mg/day after a few days had poor side effects.  600mg/day seems to be the top of the scale for not having extreme side effects.


I'd like to try 400mg (2 pills) to see where it takes me.  I have mentioned before I'm a larger sized man (6'5", 245 lbs) and have a strong history of resistance to the effects of drugs as well as a high tolerance. 


I'd be interested in the stories of anyone here who has already pushed it a bit, and how it worked out.  I'll be trying the 1/2 pill 4x in the first 6 hours of a day, as well as full pill 2x spread out a few hours, and the 2x first thing in the morning.  I notice when I take the weekend or even as little as one day off...the next day's effect is noticably more desirable. 


I know Dave has taken higher doses, and many reports of others taking 400mg/day having vitually the same side effects as 200mg/day.  I don't get headaches or anything much worse than cotton mouth from the 200mg/day.   Easily remedied with water.


Just being a bit cautious here, wondering if I have been doing the mental equivalent of walking a quarter mile and lifting light weights at 2 reps vs. brisk walking 2 miles and lifting heavy weights at 6-8 reps. 


All feedback much appreciated. :)

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    The major issue with non-name-brand medications in tablet form is inconsistent manufacture. Not as far as the consistency of their modafinil, but inconsistent manufacture relating to the distribution of modafinil vs fillers when making the powders into tablets. Your tablet could have an even distribution of modafinil and filler throughout, it could have all the modafinil in one half and filler in the other, or any combination in between. Of course there is no way to know this when breaking a tablet, and this could be one of the reasons behind wild variation in results. I've noticed a variability in effect using the same method you described, as widely diverse as an all-day effect from 50mg to no effect from 150mg. Tolerance also becomes a factor, depending on how rapidly you develop tolerance to any particular substance.

    Additionally, India allows for patents on drug manufacturing processes, which is both why they have multiple manufacturers for the same molecular compound without licensing issues and why modafinil in particular varies in effect from manufacturer to manufacturer. The different manufacturing processes result in different microcrystalline size, consistency, distribution and cohesion, and all of these will directly impact on metabolization, absorption, and the intensity and duration of effects. For any Breaking Bad fans, as you delve more into modafinil and the science behind it you can go back and watch the first episodes in a whole new light. Chiral isomers, crystal size, crystal consistency, Walter White's brain, they all point to a hidden modafinil message!



    As far as n-1 experimentation I have only used Modvigil, and not consistently at all. I have a feeling that Modalert is a better product and have only been using my limited supply as a support tool on days that my sleep schedule becomes even more interrupted than it usually is.


    I found 100mg in the morning to be adequate for 9+ hours of solid wakefulness, even with the variability in dosing due to the nature of tablets. A 50mg dose I found to be useful for stacking with other supplements taken with breakfast, and the effect is not noticeable at all except when comparing the day to one without modafinil. The 50mg dose shows wider variability, again due to the nature of tablets.


    To me, Modvigil is analogous to propping your chin up on your hands in order to stay awake while attending a dull lecture. You are propping up the wakefulness of your brain with a stick taped to your back, called Modvigil. I have not found it to be helpful with bodily fatigue, and in fact noticed considerable muscle tension in the neck and shoulders (which I think I recall having something to do with noepinepherine release). The wakefulness effects persist in spite of the muscle tension, quite literally like a stick taped to your back and holding your brain up. Sensations of fatigue seem to first center around the eyes (which I have had some success combating with 2600mg doses of Alpha-GPC twice a day) yet the 100mg dose seems to hold strong for an entire work day.




    I hope this gives you something to work with, this write-up is nowhere near as detailed or thorough as I'd like. I feel that my current experimentation with Modvigil is lacking since I have been continually changing around supplements, exercise, diet, sleep habits and contending with (and improving upon) a living environment not conducive to accurate experimentation on such subtle levels. This could be considered a trial-by-fire anecdote I suppose, since I have used Modvigil to contend with ongoing and ever-changing stressors. I have attempted to rely upon Modvigil as little as possible and do not consider this particular brand to be conducive to regular use, though it is a tool which can be relied upon in a pinch. I look at it as an all-day fire-and-forget cup of Turkish coffee.

  • My highest has been ~2.5 * 200 mg tablets, across the span of ~12'ish hours. Twas required.


    100 mg is fine for most days, though I often take a second 100 mg's at some point later in the day.

    I'm ~185 5'11, and getting into better & better shape, each day. 


    I can't do caffeine. It causes too much stress in my life, plus too much of a crash. My adrenals hate it. So... Modafinil! :)


    I also do appreciate making sure to get in a nap at some point in the day. :D Plus I'm figuring out the best timing of when to take my first tablet. I've been taking it immediately upon awakening, but I feel that I oughta get my workout done first, and THEN take Modafinil, as my desire to work out goes steadily down, after I've taken Modafinil. It's as if my body & mind say, "Exercise?!? Let's go work. or do something else!" .. It's a very interesting combination within my body & mind.

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