Coq10 Ubiquinol, Pqq, Unfair Advantage: Mitochondrial Downregulation? Brain Fog?

Hello everyone,


Does any know anything about coq10 ubiquinol, pqq or unfair advantage possibly causing down-regulation of your intrinsic mitochondrial production? Does it need to be cycled?

I've noticed that when I skip them after taking them for a few days or more, I feel like I'm below my baseline cognitively. I experience a little brain fog, depressed mood, lower energy levels, shorter attention span, etc. Does anyone else experience this? Maybe John Brisson can chime in?



  • Wondering about this too, maybe now someone who knows something sees this and provides some insight?

  • I think the whole special delivery system involved with the UA is supposed to mitigate this problem or at least make it so you don't have to cycle off. Try just sticking to the UA by itself and see what happens I mean it can be so many things causing the issue.
  • Wondering this about a lot of supplements.  I think cycling is important for everything


    Moderation or something absurd like that - boring.  

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