Buying A Q1000Ng+ Cold Laser

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty curious about what people think about the Q1000NG+ cold laser. I'm pretty keen to get one but I don't know of anyone in Australia for this of testimonial. It's a little bit expensive.


I'm having a bit of trouble just even trying to buy it on ebay. This is due to customs here that will seize anything that is a or looks like laser pointer with certain specifications and there seems to be a bit of confusion as to what is a medical laser and what is a laser pointer after a phone call and email.


So I know I'm new here but being a bit of a lurker you people have my respect for your passion and curiosity.


Please let me know your thoughts.


  • I have seen a chiropracter who spent 5 Grand on a laser (forgot the company) he loves it, but admitted you need to use it many times to see a difference. So owning one seems to be the key, seeing a practitioner once or twice a month does not cut it.

  • unless you literally have money exploding out of your bank account I'd pass.

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