Endurance Supplements

I'm looking for a sports drink that I can use on multi-day 6-8 hour cycle tours, I found one that I really like for the following reasons:

1.) It only uses long chain sugars. (most of the others I saw uses a combination of long chain sugars but still add fructose and glucose)

2.) No artificial flavors or colors, GMO-free

3.) Uses xylitol/stevia as sweetners.

4.) It contains some protein.

My only concern is that it contains soy protein. The company uses Whey in all their recovery supplements but says that soy protein is better during endurance exercise as it minimizes ammonia build-up.

See the section "Protein Powders" at http://www.the508.com/insight/bornfuels.html for more information.

The specific product that I'm looking at is http://www.hammernutrition.com/products/perpetuem.pp.html?navcat=fuels-energy-drinks

What is your opinion regarding soy protein during exercise?


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