Neti Pot Before Bed?

Recently my friend told me he uses a neti pot before bed and his sinuses are usually bad. He claims it clears his nose very efficiently and helps him sleep better. It makes sense.My sinuses aren't nearly as bad as his, but I do have trouble clearing my nose. I have saline spray, which works sometimes, but causes my nose to bleed more especially during the winter time.


I'm considering using the neti pot and tracking the results through the sleep app. Has anyone done this already or can attest to the use of a neti pot? 


  • I'd love to hear any feedback on this as well? I've historically had a lot of sinus issues and have used a neti-pot off and on. I want to be cautious about over-use here because I've heard that can be bad. That said, I do wish my sinuses were in better shape.


    Would love any thoughts from the community on proper use of neti-pot and its impact on sleep, health, etc.

  • I have done neti pot with good success.  I didn't do it before sleep, per se, but it did help with my sinus issues/cat allergies.  I do it on a per need basis - in the springtime, or after visiting a feline household.  It would dry the nasal epithelia, if done too frequently - this is well-known fact.  One little tip, moisturize your nostrils with a little bit of ghee - my grandmother taught me that and I swear by it.


    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

  • Qi_PowerQi_Power I'll help if I can

    Might look into this again actually for my sleep. I am a mouth breather, as I have always had asthma, and I now know that the too work in conjunction to keep the problem going. Mouth breathing is terrible for asthma and makes it much worse, and then when you get wheezy and your airways close up as is the case with asthma, it makes it harder to breathe through your nose. Plus there's the factor where breathing through your nose becomes harder because you haven't been in the habit. 


    If anyone reading this is in a similar position, apart from using a neti pot, which could help, you might also like to check out buteyko breathing. I believe it to be a natural cure for asthma, and it's the next big change for me personally on my health improvements list. 

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