Mct Oil And Caffeine, Anti Depressant Effect?

I started BPC yesterday, eating between 12:30 and 6:00. I do Zumba or treadmill. I work from home and I like going to the gym. My diet  is going to get better, more cleaner. It was my birthday Saturday, and finally the birthday cake is gone. I do follow the 5 bite diet, not to a t. 


But I found yesterday, I like the MCT oil. It feels like an anti depressant. I don't like coffee, but will grin and bare the taste. I like the caffeine. But coupled with MCT oil, it's life changing. And BPC sustains me till 12:30, I drink it at 6:30 a., by 2 P., I feel it's effect gone. So yesterday, I drank a flavored coffee, with more MCT oil. I was alert till after 8, which I needed to be. I had the best Zumba class I've ever had.


. I have a Keurig, cause I like the flavored coffee, and I like the over ice drinks. Does MCT oil make you feel this good?


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