Hi all :)

I have been clinically diagnosed with ADHD and NLD through a 6 month process in the district psychiatry

where I was prescribed atomoxetine(strattera)(80mg), they dont use ritalin or the sorts any more in my country (Denmark)

I have earlier suffered stress and depression, and have been taken zoloft which I basically just stopped taking after started the bulletproof diet with no side effects.

I always feel like my "light" is never turned fully on, and I dont see full spectrum of colors, so to speak.

I feel theres something blocking me neurologically or i am deficient somewhat.

As you might see I have a hard time explaining how I'm feeling.

I don't know what this dimming of mind or blocking is caused by, and I've been thinking of slowly dropping the atomoxetine.

What are your thoughts ?

Are there any  smart drugs that might help me ?

Have tried 2 pills of ciltep, and alphabrain with very little effect.


I take vitamin D3 and fish oils daily





  • GarrettGarrett
    edited March 2015

    Are you exercising? Expressing gratitude? Volunteering? Meditating? 

    What does the rest of your life look like, beyond your nutrition & supplements?

    What does your schedule look like?

    What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you feeding your mind, that great computer & tool that is between your ears? 

    And ADHD is an interesting thing - How are you finding you have ADHD? How & where are you seeing it show up in your life?

  • I live in Denmark too, and they do use Ritalin and all the other stimulants. If you live near Aarhus try out Torben Arngrim he's a good psychiatrist.  

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