Focusing Issues

My job is very detailed orientated. I started BP coffee, and sometimes notice I can't focus on the details. I was using 1 tbsp of MCT oil with a tbsp of grass fed butter, but I found my throat was sore. I lowered the MCT dose to one teaspoon, which took care of the sore throat. I don't want to raise the butter amount, I have a dairy far, so good with the butter, though. And I seem to get a crash about 2ish. But I'm nervous about drinking another BPC. Would plain coffee or tea (I don't like coffee) help carry over the caffeine? I drink it around 6:30, eat a smallish lunch and a small dinner at 5:30.


But I don't focus as well. I'm using Vivalabs MCT oil. i just ordered Bullet Proof collagen powder. 


  • I find certain nootropics work for me. There is a catalog of info regarding this topic. Personally I like Piracetam, fish oil, Rhidiola, l-theanine, caffeine, choline, etc... Find a good stack and see what works for you... 

  • Maybe you can use ginseng/guarana flavoured BP green tea instead of coffee.

    If focusing issues have always been the problem, try ritalin/concerta. 

  • I have no problems focusing, and don't need Adderall. But I am going to try a Nootropic for productivity focusing. I'm a nurse and I do detailed chart audits.

  • Great question.  I found that a second cup of BPC keeps me going.  Since you don't like coffee, you could easily do a BP tea or, and this is a great idea, organic broth with some butter and collagen protein powder.  Oh my word. . . that stuff is delicious and really peps me up.  I like to use beef broth, but any broth would be okay.  Just make it like BPC, and drink it like you would any hot beverage.  yummy.  Good luck and keep us updated with what you discover works. 

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