235Km Cycle With 4000M Of Climbing

Hi - I was wondering if someone could give me a before, during and after nutrition plan for the day of the ride?  I generally follow the BP diet.  This is a big ride and I wanted to have maximum energy for +/- 9 hrs on the bike.  Any advise would be great.


  • Sounds like a big day on the bike, should be fun!


    Is this a long-term goal (many months from now) or are you going to be doing it quite soon? The reason I ask is if it's coming up soon you should have already dialled in your pre, during and post nutrition as part of your goal event simulations, and if your nutrition is working well for you right now, why change? But if this is a long-term goal, and you are just starting down that path, then it's a whole different scenario. Which one is it (more details would be good)?



  • Hi..thanks for replying....its on 8 August 2015.  I was thinking of using a combo of bulletproof coffee, UCAN with and without protein and probably some Blue Dinosaur Palio Bars www,bluedinosaur.com.au

  • Based on the reference to the .au Paleo bars, are you anywhere near Queensland? I coach a very solid MTB endurance racer out of Queensland and if you like I could make an intro so you could sit down with him and have a chat.


    You've got 4.5mths to dial in the nutrition for your event, that's enough time to figure out what works for your unique requirements. Are you going to be racing the event or just out for a non-competitive long ride? That is an important determining factor as there is far less room for nutritional error if you are going to be racing as hard as you can. In simple terms, race pace intensity affects the gut a lot differently vs. a much more casual day in the saddle.


    What's the longest training ride you've done?


    What do you normally use for on-bike fuel?


    How much water do you consume per hour on the bike, and do you have a good sense of your sweat-rates?


    Have you ever had gut issues while out on the bike?


    Have you ever done any long-distance events?


    Is this a road event or an MTB event?


    Are there aid stations along the route and if so what do they provide in the way of nutrition/hydration?


    What do you weigh?

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