Nac And Glutathione "downregulation" (And Choline/ach)

Hey guys! First post, but I've been lurking for a while. I hear people cycling NAC in order to not blunt the body's natural production of glutathione, how many of you guys do that? Naturally, that sounds like something I want to avoid. But hold on a minute, isn't NAC just supposed to be bioavailable cysteine, and thus simply a limiting-factor building block for glutathione? If that's the case, wouldn't extra NAC do nothing to break past the body's natural (albeit mobile) setpoint for glutathione production? The same goes for choline: I hear Dave telling us not to get too much choline if we are ACh-dominant, and my same question applies. I don't see specifically limiting a nutrient to lower such a common and necessary neurotransmitter, except for extreme cases with medical-grade implications. It seems that the high ACh would be an underlying problem to be treated (hey Dave, isn't coffee an AChE inhibitor? :mrgreen: ), and not the direct result too much choline. Someone smarter than me direct me! Nice to join the club.

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