Big Favor To Ask Of You Guys. Can You Help Me With Food Choices/servings Based On A Macro Breakdown?

Heres the macro's I'm trying to hit per day:  


Protein: 136grams


Carbs: 40grams




I'm 5'5" around 170lbs and am trying to cut weight for kickboxing and improve my athletic performance. I need help figuring out what kinds of foods and I guess more importantly in what amounts I'd have to eat to hit these numbers.  Is there a calculator out there somewhere someone can recommend? I'm guessing I should just take green zone foods and increase the amounts until the macros are hit. 


  • I have the same question.

    MFP is a great tool (that I use religiously!) but the default values do not line up with the BPP. I know they can be tweaked but not knowing what my daily calories should be for the BPP I don't know my starting point to input my percentages. If I use a standard RMR calculator it tells my 1800 & I can go as low as 1340 for deficit. But if I drink 2 cups of BP coffee in the morning and have a couple of eggs & an avacodo for lunch I pretty much have hit my calorie limit for a deficit day when I add in my supplements.

    I am 49, 5'5", 133# & have tweeted MFP according to the BP recommendation listed on the infographic. This is what MFP says I should have on a deficit day;

    60% Fat =91g

    20% Protein=68g

    20% Carbs=68g



    It would be REALLY helpful if there was a BP macro calculator tool so us newbies could get a better handle on where to start. I see so many posts on here where ppl are being told they are eating way to little & this is why they are not loosing weight.

    And if your a woman you need more carbs,... Well how do you add more carbs without cutting down on your protein or fat %?!

    It all seems so gray.
  • When I added carbs my protein % went down, without planning for that. I've been BP for 2 years, and the last 6 months is when I added the carbs. Just noticed I was less hungry for meat/eggs. Now I cook smaller portions of meat, and I feel like taking days off of meat now, about 1-2 a week, usually one.

  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    For losing fat / weight and improving athleticism I would not use these macros. Of course if it is proven that it works for you, more power to you.

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  • I guess it's not working,... If it were I wouldn't be lurking in this post. :-/

    So what to use?
  • I've used this


    I'm down to 167 from 180lbs.  I train around 4 days a week.  I don't feel hungry.  I get in 50g carbs on non workout days, around 150 on days I train.  Protein I do around 0.8gram/lb of body weight and then the rest I get in with fats!

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