What Is Carb Re-Feed..?


Need someone to please define what a carb re-feed is and the frequency. I'm confused about carb back-loading and carb night and the benefits of each.

I mostly skip breakfast and have BP Coffee. Lunch is low carb with fish or meat and veggies w/fat. Dinner I will include sweet potatoes. I'll have full greek yoghurt with berries after.

I've read some benefit of Keifer's Carb back-loading. I work out 3 X per week (M/W/F) - can I assume to gear up on carbs following afternoon workout to be re-feed or not..? Or should I dedicate a protein fast day for high carb. I struggle to gain muscle weight and now I am 50 this is even more difficult.




  • Thanks Jason - appreciate the fast feedback.

    I'm 155lbs and probably need to eat more protein, but get heart palpitations if I eat too much protein as I'm sensitive to cortisol; trying to work around this. I'm definitely not eating 155g of carbs - just looked at my calculator and it seems i'm around the 50g daily average. perhaps on training days I need to consume more carbs at lunch. I get REALLY tired immediately following my workout for about 10-15 mins with my blood glucose about 71. Thinking about this now, perhaps more carbs will help with the cortisol. I tend to get very jittery if i'm in keto - perhaps keto is not for me and need to feed more on carbs. Besides rice/potatoes what are other good/clean sources of carbs that wont mess with my I/R..?


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    I don't understand the protein fast with carb refeed trend. It leaves people with eating lots of fats and carbs together => fat gain. I just don't get why should anyone do this.

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  • Totally agree with you Reka

  • I don't understand the protein fast with carb refeed trend. It leaves people with eating lots of fats and carbs together => fat gain. I just don't get why should anyone do this.

    See my post today under ganster banter>crazy lady. I want to eat a carbs with saturated fat dier for an extended period of time.

  • If you eat 1g/lb carbs on your workout days you need not worry about "refeeds", protein fasts are unnecessary and if you have issues with gaining muscle make sure you are eating at or at least close to 1g/lb protein every day.  Keep the low carb days for rest days.


    Why no protein fast?

  •  So what about if you are trying to lose weight? I have no problem gaining muscle but also gain fat from even looking at carbs.  I think if I ate my weight in protein and tried to keep the fat at 70% I'd be as big as a house.


    I mean:


    220lbs * 4 calories per gram protein=880 calories from protein.


    The fat calories would be like 5 times that for a total of more than 6000 calories. Then add the carbs? Yikes.


    I use to lift 4 hours a day and I don't think I burned that much.  I know calories aren't everything but that's too much I think.


    I'm probably just confused about what you are saying but can you clarify?


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  • Sorry, but you don't have different physiology that gives you special proclivity to gain bodyfat from carbohydrate (barring medical issues), you have human physiology common to human beings, you either 1. don't eat most of them within 6hrs of training in the absence of fat, 2. are eating a caloric surplus, 3. are eating amounts that outpace activity.  70% fat is not recommended for athletic performance and optimal recovery, so you are right about confusion, hit your protein, hit your carbs in relation to that days activity, and use the remaining calories as fat (0.5g/lb is a good place start from)


    I 90% agree with you. However, there are certain genetic polymorphisms that play a role in fat metabolism and ability to burn fat:





    Still the factors you mentionare ARE  responsible for the bulk of weight gain....but that is basically what I was saying. I was just confused about your macros.


    Thanks for clarifying that you weren't talking about recs for a high fat diet (at least on workout days it seems).  The diet you are talking about is 0.5 grams/lb fat and  1 gram per llb protein and carbs which would make sense for the OP to do given his desire to gain weight. Do you cut out the carbs on nonworkout days?


    However...I was basically asking about protein fasting and carb refeeds for weight loss. In that case is there any benefit to do them in that scenario?


    Also I'm not 100% convinced on keto not being good for recovery. Before I went on Keto my muscles would be in massive pain from lactic acid post workout. Now I don't have that.


    Really I just feel much better in Keto and if I workout I prefer adjusting macros like this:



    Do not take anything I say here as medical advice.

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