Main Meal = Lunch

Hey, ladies. I've been doing BPC and mostly green-zone foods for a couple years. At first I barely ate carbs. Then adding them felt really good... Now I'm doing this and it feels really balanced and good. Curious if any of you are drifting into a similar pattern?


AM= BPC, usually with 1 scoop of collagen


LUNCH= Big meal, with rice and/or sweet potato, small portion meat, bunch of veggies. Lots of fat as avocado, butter and/or MCT. 


DINNER =  Nothing or small snack. 




  • I do something similar.  I eat my large meal at 5 pm and eat nothing after that.  Lunch is nothing or a snack.  Yep, more comfortable eating this way on most days. 

  • Wow - that's very similar... as my lunch is usually around 2pm  : ) 

  • So glad we both found something comfortable that makes us ROCK and feel amazing.  I rarely talk about my diet and eating habits to others outside of BP because of the judgment and opinions. 

  • But how many calories do you have daily? I normally have:

    - a BPC in the morning with a scoop of callagen at 8 am with a green juice just made from vegetables and a scoop of whey protein

    - at around 13 pm I have another BPC with another scoop of collagen

    - at 15.30 pm I have veggies, plus protein (meat or fish) and fats, that is lunch time in Spain

    - at 8.30 I have a small salad with a bit of protein, like a bit of tuna, salmon or a tiny bit of anyother fish. Sometimes I add a bit of sweet potatoe, I try to eat just a very small dinner, then I sleep better.

    - before bed I have magnesium and sometimes collagen, I go to bed around 11.30.

    If I have less than that I feel hungry all the time. My workouts consist in vinyasa yoga, pilates reformer, cardio like rebounding or dance cardio and weight lifting just one day per week, I exercise 6 days per week.
  • Not sure how many calories I eat. At first (2 years ago) I tracked my food with MyFittnessPal, but once I learned what I wanted to, I stopped tracking. Calories aren't important to me as much as the ratio of fat -v- protein -v- carbs.  I'm also really interested in my ratio of crappy - v- nutrient-rich foods, and try to keep a close eye on that as well.


    Anhernand - your pattern is close to mine, with the big meal late afternoon. Is it working well for you? How long have you been doing that? 

  • Ditto what mmejoanna said.  I used to seriously track everything, but once I learned what fit, I quit tracking.   My morning BPC has collagen in it, too.  I didn't used to do that, but found life works better for me with the protein in the morning.  And, like you, anhernand, I use the mag and/or collagen before bed.  Our day starts at 5 a.m.  I go to bed around 9:30 p.m.

  • I feel better including protein in my BPC, I feel very satiated and I can last longer. What it really matters to me are proper ratios as well, I don´t care about calories too much, but being said that a few weeks ago I was noticing two things:


    - one, I was putting on weight, I was eating too much fat, and of course fat is very important but If you have more than you need as anyother nutrient it can make you put on weight.

    - on the other hand I was having too little carbs, I started to feel depressed, I was sad all day long and as I have fertility issues and I will start an IVF cycle in some weeks I need to be optimistic and in my best mood, also It is a way my body is telling me I need more carbs, so there I am increasing my carb intake and decreasing the fat one.


    I would like to lose a few pounds, just 4 or so, once I get it I will be on my perfect body weight (and my doctor lets me to lose just a bit).

    What are the ratios you have for manteinance and also for weight loss (If you are on any of both).


    Out of topic I would like to ask if you have try coconut oil on your BPC, I am having MCT oil but ordering from The States is very expensive to me, I can order it from other countries of Europe but still is expensive, I have tried to look for it in Spain but I haven´t found it yet, I am running out of it so I was thinking about having regular coconut oil, I wonder If I will get benefits from it.

  • I have not tried the coconut oil in coffee, but my son loves it.  He has been doing that for a few years.  Try the coconut oil and see how you feel.  If you find it is working for you, GREAT.  If not, you can then decide if the expense of the MCT oil is worth it.  Hopefully you will find that the coconut oil will work fine for you.  Many say that they prefer the coconut oil bc the MCT is too strong.  I guess, like with everything else, it depends on our bodies and our needs. 


    i haven't looked at my macros in the last few months.  Perhaps it is time for me to keep a food journal for a week or two to measure what I'm doing.  Whatever it is right now is working great for me so I don't plan on changing anything.  But it would be nice to know my numbers again.  :)

  • After 1.5 years, I found a similar routine works for me. :)  The BPC in the morning always makes me feel amazing, then later in the day I would eat fat/meat/veggies and hardly any fruit or carbs. Typically my lunch at 1:30pm or 2pm is a big meal and for dinner I just eat a snack around 7pm along with my guilty pleasure, red wine.


    Then a few months ago I added 2 tablespoons of collagen before bed and sometimes to my BPC in the morning. Then I added some rice, sweet potatoes, or blueberries with my lunch.  My energy level is much better eating a bit of carbs at lunch time. 

  • Hi girls,

    Do your cycle are ok during your one meal a day? I'm having one meal around 2 weeks and nomally the period should come…😦
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