Weight Loss Advice: "skinny-Ripped"

I'm a 35 year old male who performs on stage. I've been generally low-carb for 3 years, following bulletproof principles for maybe 2 (I've eliminated bad fats but not able to go organic/grassfed for veg and protein.) I've been drinking bulletproof coffee daily for over a year, and it has been excellent for appetite suppression and focus. 

I believe I have a borderline eating disorder (tendency to binge on huge amounts of sweet foods) which is often triggered by alcohol. I drink most days ( a few glasses of wine) but would not consider myself overly dependent on alcohol (I would like to quit but my job involves a large amount of social drinking.)

I have been "good" for the past 4 months (training once a week doing the Body By Science Protocol) and got my weight down to 80kg/11% body fat (179cm tall.) I feel good and look good by regular standards, but I need to get my body fat well below 10% to look the way I need to look on stage. However, I seem to have plateaued. 


How do I go about reaching my goal? Low carb/bulletproof has brought me this far but I need to go further. Do I need to add cardio? Increase resistance training? Cut calories? Cut protein? Cut fat?


3 years ago when I first did Atkins I managed to get down to 73kg/ 7% body fat by eating a pretty "bad" ultra low carb diet (mainly meat and eggs fried in vegetable oils) but I don't wanna go there again... 


I don't know if it's my age but my body seems less "responsive" than it was. This could be connected to an extended period (15 months) without any exercise or training. I just "got back on the horse" last december.


I recently started experimenting with "Carb Nite" thinking that maybe my leptin needed resetting, have done it 3 times but not seen any change (weight loss or gain).


Any thoughts or opinions welcome!




  • So, if I'm reading this correctly, you're willing to cut everything except the biggest problem in your life: alcohol.

    No one monitors what you're drinking, and thankfully vodka and water look the same. As long as you have something in your hand, most people don't care.

    Cut out the booze and use the extra money to buy grass-fed meats.
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