Breakfast After Cardio

What should I have for breakfast after a cardio session (on an empty stomach)? I wonder If I should just go to the BPC or I should have less fat, more prots and carbs. What would be the ideal ratio? do you suggest any smoothie instead of the BPC?


When I do cardio in the morning I go to pilates reformer classes in the afternon, so should I just have the BPC for breakfast and then for dinner after pilates having carbs and prots with a bit amount of fat?


I am confused, I don´t know what to have. Also what confuses me as well is what to have after a vinyasa yoga class in the afternoon or If I do Interval training in the afternoon, what would it be the ideal post workout meal?


I am a 35 years old woman, with fertility issues, so I need my hormones to be balance.


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    ^That's a very important question Jason.




    Why not find out what works best for you? Maybe two raw eggs post "cardio" would be fine, but on another day you needed 35g dextrose with ~15g useable protein because it was an intense day. 


    The simple answer to your question is to eat primarily fats and protein post workout, with carbs added as needed.  Carbs used post workout depend on how intense the workout was, how long you have been in ketosis, how loaded your muscles already were with glyocgen, how your body responds to carbs... etc.  Experiment around and try to feel for the right dose of carbs to use.

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