Kefir Eat Resistant Starch

Here's one I haven't seen covered yet.

I want to make Coconut milk Kefir, but I understand that coconut milk doesn't have a lot of carbs/or is not the preferred source of carbs (no lactose) to feed the Kefir strains. 

So I read to just add some sugar to the coconut milk or rotate the kefir grains in some dairy milk in between coconut milk batches to re-feed them. Then I asked myself can I add unmodified potato starch to the coconut milk as it's being cultured by the kefir to keep them well fed (Can the resistant starch be a food source for them to feed on)? Has anyone tried this out? I'm going to give it a go once my kefir grains come in.



  • Probably, people make kefirkraut as well as other fermented veggies from the whey. You wouldn't think onions would ferment well due to the harsh sulfur compounds in them (I air them out anyway), but they fermented the best compared to kale, lettuce, blueberries, and garlic.

    Personally, I would just use sugar. After all, it's for THEM, not you! Just ferment for a while, and follow up with a secondary fermentation without the grains. Have fun, experimenting with kefir is a blast. In my experience, the grains always do best in whole milk. No substitute for maximum grain health/propagation.

  • Ok thanks! Question why should I follow up with a second fermentation? 

  • Well, that was to consume all of the sugar, since I assumed you wanted to use the starch to avoid consuming the sugar. But there are other benefits, like much more of the B vitamins (particularly folacin), as well as more of the magical (potentially nutritious or toxic!) world of bacterial metabolites that I know very little about. I'm curious, please post a follow-up about how that experiment goes!!

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