New To Bp Diet.

Hi All,


I posted something similar on the general discussion area...


I am just brand new to the BP-Diet...not at all new to IF or BP Coffee (have had this for a couple of years)....

I have been following a keto-diet for about 8 weeks, so IF is not new....

But I am wondering what you generally eat or how your day "looks"....I need to keep things as simple as possible (two kids, full time job, husband  :-P ) and am out of the house at 8 and return about 5 most days...(that's probably pretty normal though I guess).

I (try) to run three times a week and do HIIT (boot camp) twice a week.

I am healthy and have probably about 5Kg of fat that I would like to lose....maybe about 5-10% fat loss is my aim (have already lost loads)....

ANYWAY...Today this is what I have done:

0600 woken up.

0800 BP Coffee

1300 5km run

1430 scrambled egg with avocado, coconut oil and lettuce

1800 fresh caught white fish, coconut oil, coconut cream, radishes and lettuce.

2130 will be bedtime.


Can I do this (or variations) every day? is that the idea?? I currently eat 20g or less of carb (well I try) and try to stay in ketosis too...


Anyway, any help would be great!! Thanks!


  • You food choices look good to me!  You may need more carbs than 20 with that training schedule, though. Everybody's needs are so different.  Play with it a bit.  You'll know if you need to add a sweet potato to that list of foods. 

  • I am also new and have several questions that I didn't know where to look in the forums for answers. Perhaps I can ask here?

    1. I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I take a lot of supplements and a few prescriptions, plus a juice drink with d-ribose and apple cider vinegar in the AM. How will this effect IF? The juice drink is no added sugar, and only 4oz, but I get my morning energy from this and my supplements.

    2. I take ALA 600 mg already. Should I add CLA and in what dosage considering the fibro challenge?

    Thanks for your help!
  • I highly recommend grass fed bone broth and tons of it daily.....its a super food. .. It's better than expensive often empty supplements .... There are a number of good books on bone broth.
  • Thanks. I spend so much money on supplements. I will look into this and see which supplements I can eliminate.
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