Teen Diet Help!

Hey everyone, I would like some help with my diet!


Quick background: I'm a 17 year old male, lean at 145 lbs, weight lift every other day, and I'm super into nutrition and fitness!


I have some questions about optimizing my diet:


1. Teens and occasional intermittent fasting?

2. Should I restrict protein once a week at my age?

3. What minimum amount of carbs should I make sure that I get per day if I work very hard at school and every other day a 45 min intense workout? I feel good slightly under 200g, but is this enough to support my body and brain at this age?

4. How important is rotating foods?

5. Is 40-55g of fiber every day too much? (these factor into my carbs)

6. Is up to 130g of fat every day okay?


I'm very in tune with my body: I'm carb sensitive, digestive sensitive, and so on. Eating very low carb all day and having a large carb dinner seems to be working for me, but is restricting carbs during the whole day and having a fairly low carb total (200 or less total: up to 50g of fiber and under 70g sugars) perfectly safe for a teenager?


If it helps, let me know if I should post my daily diet


Thanks everyone :)


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