Sleep Cycle App, Any Value?

So I've been using this app for the past month and am puzzled by the results. When I awake totally refreshed the 'sleep quality' percentage is almost always below 70%, and conversely when I awake groggy it is almost always above 90%.

Am I interpreting the results incorrectly? Fantastic idea in theory but in actual use not so sure...


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    Well the app measures movement and sound. Any number of things can cause the discrepancy between the movement and sound it registers and your perceived sleep quality. Perhaps you need to use it a little longer to establish a better base line. Or otherwise not use it and hack your sleep by feel.

  • I think it also judges on time in bed and if you don't go past 6 hours? Anyone else experience this?

  • I've been using SleepCycle for over a year. A few comments - 


    1. While I can't prove it, I believe a big part of SleepCycle's scoring algorithm is the number of deep sleep -> REM cycles. You want the graph to look sort of like a sine wave representing 4 - 6 cycles a night. 


    2. The placement of the phone makes a huge difference. Too close to your head and your score may be artificially lower from it perceiving higher movement. Too far away and your scores may be artificially higher. For this reason I place it in the exact same spot every night (just left of the center of the bed) and try to stick to the opposite side of the bed. 


    3. There does seem to be a minimal threshold for total amount of time asleep in order to achieve a high score. Meghan says 6 hours, I always felt it was 7. 


    4. To eco_bach's point, early on I did some comparisons with my Zeo and there were several occasions where my lowest Sleep Cycle score was inverse to one of my highest Zeo scores. 


    With all that said, I've settled on using a Fitbit + Sleep Cycle. If I achieve a high Sleep Cycle score (85%+) with a low number of occurrences of "restlessness" via the Fitbit (< 15), my fasting blood sugar is almost always at its lowest, which for me, strongly suggests I slept well. 

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    Sleep Cycle appears somewhat less transparent with this scoring system than other sleeping apps. I use one that merely says how much of the time I am not moving and how much noise there was.

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    I'm running both Withins Aura and Sleep app together and there's not too much difference in the results. Obviously the data is more on the Aura, but for general tracking the sleep app can't be beat for price.


    SleepCycle_29May15_zps12d8bxuy.jpg Aura_29May15_zps8bfrb0ga.jpg


    I stay in bed for a while after waking, the Sleep cycle app I turn off, so I know when I wake, the Aura I turn off, but it keep recording data after I turn off the sound and light. Not idea to be honest, but I think it records whenever you're in bed, rather than just when you're using the alarm and light features, so swings and roundabouts!


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