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I'm going to London and looking for suggestions, hacks and shops to stay bulletproof and buy bulletproof products.

Any great ideas for organic, grass-fed breakfasts / lunch?

After searching I've found that Chrussh might have Bulletproof coffee to go, any others?

And what about shopping Upgraded supplements and even nootropics over counter? – Glutathione Force, Unfair Advantage, Alpha Brain, aniracetam, CILTEP, etc.

Any other great hacks for London?





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    I live in London, but do 99% of purchases online. Most supermarkets carry Kerry Gold which means Bulletproof Coffee is less of an issue.


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  • I've been living in London for about 9 months now, in terms of buying BP supplements you won't find any shops here (someone please correct me if I'm wrong!) or will do fairly quick shipping to the UK though. 


    Crushh (however it's spelt) do 'Smart coffee'. I am not 100% if they use actual bulletproof coffee beans, but they have XCT and Brain Octane, so its a good start! Warning, the butter amount is about 10g, so make sure to get them to add plenty extra! 


    As said above, Kerry Gold is in most supermarkets here.  Also worth noting there are a few Wholefoods dotted in Central London, with quite a big one near Piccadilly Circus tube station.

    I would also recommend checking out some of the farmers markets too, this one is a great source of all things fresh and organic.


    My recommended best 'hack' is to go visit the parks! Using the underground, and the constant busy chaos that is urban life here, you need to go chill out in the sun once and a while to keep your sanity :) If you venture to Primrose Hill, you will get an amazing view of the city too.

    If I can think of any more useful information I will post again. 

  • you can get raw butter (Hook & Sons) at Borough Market near London Bridge. Foodie heaven

  • Found a place in SOHO:

    Great place for green smoothies, tonics and BulletProof coffee.

  • Thanks for that JuiceTonic recommendation.


    There are whole foods supermarkets dotted around london that you can pick some items up from.

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  • Pod that have various outlets in the city provide fairly BP breakfasts and lunches.

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