I am in a bit of a pickle.

OK, I am in a bit of a pickle and would really appreciate some advice.

I think a little background info might be necessary for anyone to understand:

I am 20, recovering from chronic fatigue brought on by a genetic problem where my body does not produce diamine oxidase enzyme (which is responsible for the break down of histamine). As a result of a suppressed immune system, years of over-training (I used to be an international level athlete) and over-studying I developed 3 viruses and 2 tropical parasites (I lived in Africa for a while). My doctor has given me specific enzyme tablets, told me to follow an anti-histamine diet and I also get infra red and green laser treatment for my immune system. Although I am much better then I was my progress has plateaued, I cannot shift the 20 lbs I gained with chronic fatigue, I get brain fog a lot, suffer from really bad bloating, food intolerances and depression. Which is why I am trying the bullet proof diet.

Another problem is I cannot break down red meat, even minced and it leaves me in a fair amount of stomach pain and bloating. Also I have found farmed fish also has a similar affect. Foods that I am pretty sure I am fine with are:

White rice, coconut oil, ghee, green vegetables (not avocados), and wild fish.

My concern is that I am not getting enough nutrients. Also I have started to become extremely nauseous after eating coconut oil, really to the point where I need to go to bed. I know this is quite common, will ox bile help?

I have been thinking about taking L-glutamine, however isn't it is made from fermenting beets?? Well seeing as histamine is produced from the decomposition of bacteria I am worried it may cause a problem for me.

Other things I take are spirulina, chorella, charcoal, vit D3, magnesium citrate.

I have also order the Paleo Pemmican Powder and the collagen powder along with some MCT oil, but I am on a really tight budget being a student.

Is there anything anyone can suggest to help my situation?


  • HI B3,

    I have a persistant virus that probably originated in Asia somewhere but I caught it from someone in the US. It's rather a silent epidemic but I found a blog for it and have learned a lot from there and from my own experimentation.

    Your digestive symptoms and brain fog are similar to what folks with this particular (and as yet un-named) virus have and may be caused by the tendency of many viruses to attack the body's first line of defense, which is the probiotic microbes in your gut. This allows the bad microbes to proliferate and dump toxins into your system. You probably have candida yeast overgrowth along with some other baddies. Anxiety attacks and depression, which are caused by microbe toxins, are also common. Lack of beneficial gut microbes is also associated with weight gain, especially belly fat.

    You need a good multi-strain probiotic supplement to start, (I am using Jarrow EPS) and the best thing I have found to feed it is a fiber called arabanogalactin, which is the fiber from larch trees. Since I have been adding that to my morning spirulina smoothies I have eliminated the gas and bloating and the anxiety. The best price I have found is at Swanson's, an online supplement company. It's cheaper as powder as compared to capsules.

    I also make my own rejuvalac, a probiotic drink made by sprouting and fermenting grain (rye or whole oat groats is best). It's cheap to make and the web has many recipes. I don't go the whole sterilize the jars route, but wash them in good, hot soapy water. I throw a capsule of the Jarrow EPS in at the fermentation stage and often skip taking the capsules so a box lasts me a long time. Rejuvalac also goes into my morning green drink.

    I am also wondering if the coconut oil is killing off the candida and that might contribute to your nausea. It contains a fatty acid that is used to treat candida, and a candida die off can make you feel real crappy. Or you may need lipase, an enzyme that digests fats. The ox bile might help.

    Coconut oil is 65% MCTs so you probably can get by with that if you can't afford the pure MCT.

    I avoid farmed fish. I know it is lower cost, but it is also higher in toxins. These fish are fed an un-natural diet, often of grain and soy pellets which can have all manner or pesticides and other junk in them. If you eat a bite of farmed fish next to the same fish caught wild you will notice the taste difference. Same with the meat. If you had any idea what went into a standard beef cow, pig, chicken, turkey, or sheep, you wouldn't eat them. Look for grass fed, naturally raised and organic if possible, but the feedlot critters are not really edible.

    You may also be short on hydrochloric acid in your stomach. You can buy a supplement fairly cheaply called betaine hydrochloride. Take one with every substantial meal. It is far better than antacids for upset tummies. A lot of acid reflux is actually caused by low hydrochloric acid production in the stomach.

    White rice is a belly fat builder and like most refined carbs heads one in the direction of type 2 diabetes but if it's one of the few things that agree with you then eat it till you are better. Brown rice is better and there are some varieties that are not as harsh with the fiber as others.

    Good luck on getting back to healthy.
  • Phooph:

    Would mind listing the complete recipe for your spirulina smoothie? I suffer from bloating quite frequently and I'm not sure what to do. Went paleo 6 months ago and now onto BP diet. It just randomly happens, and without exception in the mornings before I even ingest anything. It then subsides within 15 minutes or so.

  • Hi Everyone.
    I'm new to this forum, but not to bio-hacking. Stumbled upon this thread searching for something else, but before leaving felt I could share something of value. FYI, short and sweet is how I roll.

    Sounds like the three of you on this thread might have an enterovirus. From experience, I learned Protease helps break down the "protein coating" around enteroviruses. This coating is what makes viruses so challenging to treat. I was diagnosed with EBV, which mutates into CFS, 20 years ago and this protocol is the only thing that's worked for me. The trick is Zapping. Yes with electricity, I only trust the machine made in Canada from a guy, I think Arthur(??). Reseach Dr. Hulda Clark and make your personal decision around zapping. Zapping is said to fire up your immune system that can then gjo after the virus, as the protease has left it vulnerable without the coating.

    Hope I didn't confuse or bore. Stay Golden!

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