Laminine...any Thoughts?

I'd like the bulletproof forums opinion on a supplement that I had heard about called Laminine. It claims to stimulate Fibroblast Growth Factor for faster healing and they claim that since it is derived from avian eggs at some stage development. I had person recommend it after they heard of my health endeavors and practices. Frankly I have had enough success with doing things similar to bulletproof standard (with some variations to fit) that I haven't been concerned about it. Upon looking into it further it appears you can only get it from someone who is involved in what appears to be thier MLM type of distribution scheme. Red flag there but I wanted some other opinions on it. Here is the link.



  • I dislike "proprietary formulas" with unlisted ingredients.  If they were proud of their formula, they would list what was in it.

  • anybody done more research into this?
    here is some more info on this:

    my mom came across this and I want to find out if this is worth it or not..

    after looking into laminine I also found this:

    do you guys think these are a scam?

    I don't get it why I can't find any info on this for example on
    it's not sold on amazon either..

  • Just stumbled across this question thread. I researched the main ingredient, YTE®, considerably back in 2014 and subsequently.

    I was shocked by Laminine's mis-use and over-pricing, and flew to Norway to meet the patent-holders because, when genuine YTE® is used at the correct clinical dose, it gets remarkable results. This is the only all-natural source of all 23 amino acids.

    We ended up creating a premium supplement company in order to make this ingredient available in supportive botanical formulas: we're the only company in the world providing this in a number of formulas, with genuine ingredients at the right dose and always honest pricing. And, no, we're NOT an MLM. We currently have two formulas, and two more will be available early this year.

    Happy to explain further if anyone would like to know more - or you can just read the book I wrote about this, here, and on our main website here

    The most recent research again proves the stem cell regeneration abilities, and

    Hope this is helpful to the OP and subsequent posters.

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