Need for Cardio?

I have been using the BP diet almost to the letter for about three weeks now and I usually go to the gym twice a week. One thing I haven't come across on this forum/site is anything about maintaining cardio for heart health. As I understand it, Dave didn't workout for several years, but even after a month or so of not doing much cardio, I felt out of breath and frankly out of shape when I went for a jog the other day.

I've converted to the idea that grass-fed butter and other healthy fats are good for the heart, but am I missing something about keeping your cardiovascular health strong?

Update: I have lost approx 7 lbs since starting three weeks ago. I'm starting to think that I should get some blood work done just to make sure my numbers are okay. I still feel weird about eating so much fat :?


  • My first post, ever...

    I have been doing the Body by Science workouts for six months. I haven't found a need to add cardio to that. I'm in the gym on Friday afternoon, and about 8-12 minutes later I am finished. Since this is my first time posting I am not sure what is, or isn't appropriate, (I hope I am not breaking protocol) but along with Body by Science, Doug McGuff's "Ultimate Exercise" is an informing read, as well as Power of 10 (by Adam Zickerman) and Slow Burn (by Fred Hahn).
  • I second Bullworker on the Body By Science protocol!!

    The only addition I would like to add is that I do enjoy running, and probably get out on a trail run once a week. The only difference is I do it without a watch or water, usually run till I'm done, about an hour or so. It much more enjoyable for me that way, and I don't have any added pressures from training for races.

    In saying that, the best thing I have incorporated into my regular schedule is a round of sprints once a week away from gym and leisurely running. I do an interval style sprint session that is usually goes like this: warm up > 30 second sprint > 2-4 minutes rest (repeat sprint-rest 3-5 times) > cool down. I've increased speeds and time to finish on my "fun runs" without long medium paced tempo runs, or pounding out distance as recommended by other running training programs.


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    I do squats on the regular. I cut cardio out after doing a 4500 calorie day (2000 from butter) for 30 day experiment. 3 months later... I decided... I should see if I can still run since I have not done anything reminiscent of cardio in months. So I ran, and I ran 10 miles. It was easier than any run I have ever done before in my life. Something about heavy weight training makes your muscles so primed for cardio as long as you do not do it often.

    As for the subject of cardio, I walk about 1 hour a day while fasted... somewhere, anywhere... and it makes me feel great. It has been a key ingredient to dropping the last few pounds of bf.

    Hope this helps.
  • Most things that would be considered cardio tend to be pretty ineffective in terms of health benefits based on the time spent and can even have negative effects. Cardio in my opinion should be done strictly for fun similar to Robs suggestion of a weekly trail run.

    If you want some of the added health benefits of exercise, try walking as Brian suggests or a shorter, high intensity metabolic conditioning workout similar to CrossFit. You will be amazed at how much a 10-15 minute CrossFit workout once or twice a week can improve your cardiovascular endurance.
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