Hormonal Imbalance Test

Hi everyone,


I'm quite new to bulletproof but am slowly putting some principles into practice with my diet and cutting out crappy foods.


However I know that it would be wise to ensure there are no underlying health problems causing my low energy and current bad skin problems too. I also have pretty miserable period pains etc.


I'm 23 years old and would just like any advice that you have about hormonal imbalance tests. I have asked my doctor, but she said that they don't offer this test. 


Has anyone done this test through anywhere I can access online (UK), and will I need to come off the pill for this - I presume so.


Thanks in advance for any help and advice you can offer me! :)


  • Hi Amy. I'm not a doctor but I am a evoked biofeedback practitioner and two things I see with clients and similar situations is dairy sensitivity and or mineral de deficiencies
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    Amybp you can get some Genova Diagnostics tests done privately through an organization called Thyroid UK.  You used to be able to get adrenal stress index tests through them too.


    Blue Horizon Medical also offer blood tests privately although they're harder to interpret without the assistance of a Dr.


    The alternative is to order tests from the US - Labtestsdirect or Direct Labs both ship overseas. 


    So far as the period pains go you are probably magnesium deficient. Epsom salt baths and/or magnesium supplements should help these go away altogether once the body's magnesium levels are up where they should be. 


    Try some Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil (cinnamon tingle tastes best) to get rid of the acne. Worked wonders for my teenage cousin. Check out a website called the Love Vitamin

  • Thank you both, I will definitely use one of those in future for hormonal tests when I can afford it.


    Does anyone have any experience of  http://www.yorktest.com/for food intolerance tests too?


    I think that would be worth checking too, Thanks 

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