Supplements For Airline Folks

Hello. I'm an airline employee and I spend a lot of time in an airplane and sleep in various time zones about half the month. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on suppliments to take that will aid in fighting sleep issues(jet lag) and boosting the imune system?

I currently take: omega 3

vitamin D

MCT oil


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Earthing mat works for Dave. Eating BP.
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  • in the airlines as well... I take magnesium.


    Interested to try Vit C... why do you take it and what kind? how much do you take?


    Also would like to try Glutathione... think I heard it on one of the podcasts, can anyone confirm?


    What do you take MCT with while on-board the aircraft?



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    For jet lag, check out grounding and melatonin.

    Also, you would want to listen to the latest podcast with jackkruse.

    Just don't buy into EVERYTHING he says; I believe he is competent but sometimes he kind of exaggerates the quantum physics stuff.


    I am a Physics student.

  • I am using magnesium and Iron but you can go to a doctor who practice alternative medicine. 

  • CoQ10

  • Melatonin for jet lags.

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    I have a career in management consulting for the last 17 years, so I've lived most of my post college life travelling weekly on airplanes.


    I actually add to my supplementation stack when I travel under the presumption that try as a might, while travelling you may not have 100% control over every ingredient of the food you consume.  Working on the road requires eating at restaurants in small and strange cities that the best option is a chain location.  You try to select the best items as possible off of the menu, but I recognize that things will leech into my diet as a result that I'm not working in the kitchen preparing the food myself.


    In addition of food, your certainly exposed to a number of environmental hazards (start up exhaust of jet engines on the runway, atmospheric radiation from airplane altitude, cleaning chemicals in hotel room and airplane, etc). 


    As a result, I focus on detoxification support and green food supplements.  Chlorella, spirulina, and Garden of Life Green Super Food in capsule form (which is excellent for travelling by the way - no need to mix a powder) is what I add.  I always travel with activated charcoal capsules as well and take them after questionable meals where I have no or lack of choice.


    For sleep I use a travel size acupressure mat that is similar to the one that Dave sells made by a company called Spoonk.  I also take a travel size white noise generating machine by Marpac; which is fantastic.  I never hear a single noise in my hotel rooms.

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    My trip kit has Glutathione, MCT, C, Mg, Charcoal, Lemon Balm hydrosol, Chamomile tea, Honey, Lemongrass essential oil, Peppermint oil, Spirulina/Chlorella, and Excedrin Migraine. That gets me through the day. :)
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