When Is It "too Much Caffeine"?

hi ... just wondering if Dave has said anything about this, I can't find it if he did, or what others think about the caffeine issue ... I do Bulletproof Coffee every day, I basically fill up the coffee carafe to the 6 or 7 cups mark.  If a cup of coffee is 5oz (google) then I am drinking about 30 to 35 ounces of coffee A DAY with the butter and oil etc...  I basically pour and drink throughout the morning until around 2pm/3pm when I get hungry ... just wondering if I am hurting my body with all this caffeine?  Thanks ...


  • I think a good marker is your adrenal health. Unfortunately, many people have a lot of coffee and then they hit a brick wall. 


    I don't know your size, but if you are getting that many servings, I'd say in general terms "yes" you are probably getting too much. However, it is completely n = 1. Some people I know churn through caffeine very easily and it's bizarre, but personal.


    If you have problems using less caffeine or you want to give yourself a week or two off, I'd suggest rhodiola rosea to ease the edge.

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    Look up the coffee and tea Info graphic on bp.

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