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Who else here does a lot of walking? Do you walk to work or school? Go for long hikes or strolls on the regular? Track your walking with a pedometer or some other method? How much walking do you think is ideal in a day? Any downsides to walking a ton each day (aside from wearing out your shoes faster and perhaps thigh chafing?)


I'm curious about how I should treat my daily walking; it varies in intensity, but a good deal of the walking I do is done at a somewhat leisurely pace. There are many bursts of speed-walking in there, of course, but it's not like walking is a particularly intense workout. How much should it affect my macros? My FitBit calculates how many calories I've burned by walking and I'm inclined to think it's fairly accurate, since it takes factors such as height, weight, age, speed, distance, BMR and more into consideration.


I walk on average 5-8 miles a day. Some days I walk more. For instance, I walked over 11 miles today. How should I figure this activity into my intake each day? I burn as many as 3500-4900 calories a day (I assume this includes my BMR calories), depending on my mileage. Should I just treat the walking as exercise, trust the pedometer's calculations and eat more? Is walking not intense enough to warrant extra calories?

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