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Hi guys! The idea for this thread is to compile information realated to enhancing the quality of dreams. More specifically I want to compile a set of tips and tricks to augment dreams in a positive way. The starting list I have is pretty sparse, but I have come across some cool tricks over my life . Hopefully we can bounce ideas off of each other and come up with a more refined and populated list.

* Blue Light Blocking Glasses Four Hours Before Bed - This one is pretty impractical, but when I wear my blue light blocking glasses for four hours before bed, and interact with people, and go about my business like usual, I am almost guarenteed to have  hyper realistic dreams when I go to bed that night. Most of the dreams are pretty normal and mundane, but the realistic quality is to the point where I have to concentrate and really point out to myself that "this is a dream".

* L Phenylalanine/ L Tyrosine & 5-HTP - The reason that I put "L Phenylalanine/ L Tyrosine" is because I don't remember which one I was taking at the time, but they both have very similar properties. They both boost dopamine. This was quite a few years ago that I did this, but one night I took both L Phenylalanine/ L Tyrosine & 5-HTP right before I went to bed, and I had the most wonderful, ecstatic, blissfull dream ever. I was in some magical fantasy land and I was overwhelemd with a feeling of joy and peace. It was amazing, I'll never forget it. The only downside is that I don't know of a way to get these substances to work on a regular basis. If I could discover a catylist that got them to work every time you use them I would definitley try them again. Also I stopped becuase at the time I was weary of playing with my brain chemistry. In my experience with L Phenylalanine/ L Tyrosine & 5-HTP ,both during the day and before sleep, is that most of the time when you take them they don't work in a meaningful way, but when they work THEY WORK and are awesome.

* Raw Honey - For this I'll just copy my post from another thread

. " Hi everyone! After hearing Dave Aspery talk about eating a tablespoon of raw honey 15 minutes before going to sleep on one of his recent podcasts (I think it was the one with Daniel Pardi), I decided to try it out for myself.

The first night I followed the instructions exactly. Tablespoon of raw honey, 15 minutes before bed. That night I had vivid memorable dreams. I am a person who occasionally has dreams that I remember, but almost every single night I don't remember my dreams, or seemingly even have dreams. At least I'm not aware of my dreams most nights.

The next night. No honey, no dreams.

The next night. Honey 15 minutes before bed, vivid memorable dreams.

Night 4. Honey two hours before bed. No dreams

Night 5. Honey an hour and a half before bed. No dreams.

Night 6. Honey right before my head hit the pillow to go to sleep. Vivid memorable dreams.

Needless to say this has been a revalation to me. I can control whether I have dreams or not! At least ones that I am aware of and remember."

An add on is that some people need more than 1 table spoon so adjust the amount according to your results.




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    i am a light sleeper & seem very sensitive* to various 'things' consumed/taken during the evening;

    *sensitive=an increase in vivid &/or weird dreams. 


    personally i do not like these vivid/weird dreams...they disturb my sleep and i feel sub-optimal in the mornings. 


    so if you are a person who does not dream (or does not recall dreaming during the night), & would like to dream,

     you may want to try some of the following (one at a time) & see if you notice anything;

    here's a list of some the things i have tested a few times that seem to have this effect on me when taken in the evening (in no particular order);

    - melatonin

    - p5p (active form of B6)

    - B6

    - potato starch (bobs red mill)

    - valerian

    - inositol hexanicotinate (B3)

    - inositol powder

    - choline

    - raw honey


    & Possibly;

    - B5 (500 mg)

    - zinc

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