"Primarily Grass-fed"

So the only butter I have found that is closest to BP is from Organic Meadow. Their website FAQs section states:

"Are your cows pastured?

During the warm months (approx. April to November) the cows feed primarily on grass/pasture because they are out to pasture every day. They have access to the outdoors 365 days a year (weather permitting of course) and have ample size accommodation when they are indoors.

When they are indoors they eat a balanced ration of grass, grains, and legumes.

Their diet must comprise of only 100% vegetarian certified organic feed (no GMO or treated seed) and consists primarily of grass."

So this made me wonder... I have been consuming a lot of this butter in the last three weeks or so, but seeing as it is outside of the April to November range, does this mean that the butter I'm eating is not BP? Should I cut back until the warmer months arrive?




  • For what I've read, just by feeding those pretty cows some grains makes the fats not BP. It completely alters the fatty acid profile in the meat and milk product. But still that Meadow-butter would be in the yellow range of bulletproof illustration, which makes them not that bad.

    Grassfed organic Ghee is easier to get and before I had access to kerrygold, I was using ghee. But it doesn't taste as good as butter with foods and stuff. Still, it's better than non-100% grassfed butter.

    Try to get kerrygold. Costco is now bringing their products and I saw 1lb kerrygold butter packs in the area of cheeses and stuff at $7.55 or something like that, which is pretty cool.

    Clownfish 8-)
  • Thanks Clownfish. I will have to look into the ghee. Unfortunately, KerryGold does not ship their butter into Canada where I live. Perhaps I could go do some shopping in the US and pick up some things from Costco.

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