Can It Make You Sick?

I tried the coffee for the first time on a Friday when I was fine. I was up most the night working and that day was extremely active running around at work. About 5 hours later I started feeling nauseous. I ate a little food regarding it as exhaustion and hunger, but not so. I got extremely violently ill - my body emptied itself that night and was hit hard with an 102 + degree fever for a full 24 hours. By Sunday I was really tired but fine. I gave the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe it was a virus. I waited a bit and tried the coffee again, first big sip I got light headed and felt like vomiting.

I see people have had it black before and that's what I did the first time. The second time was with almond milk and a little sugar. I have yet to try the MCT Oil with it as I didn't receive it yet.

Is the coffee making me ill? Is that possible?


  • Coffee can't do that to you. Sounds like you got sick because you didn't sleep. The fact that you can't stomach the coffee now is probably all mental.
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    When you say "ate a little food" are you all dialed in on the bulletproof or paleo diet? How long?...because I'm surprised you are sick if you are..and are you talking about coffee with grass fed butter? The first time I made bulletproof coffee it made my stomach a little weak but I was using "organic" butter then called the company to find out the butter is certified organic but not grass fed...I still adapted to it after a few tries but am now using KerryGold and I feel a noticeable difference in my brain function as well as my stomach.

    *the only Kerry Gold in Green Bay, WI is not found in the organic section.
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