Best Pre-Workout Supplements? (For A Beginner)

Looking for the best pre-workout supplements to get me started with weight training - I'm a real amateur. My plan is to follow a Body By Science workout regime and Jason's template for my carb and protein intake. I am undecided as to my pre-workout supplements, I find quite divided opinions...


D-Ribose? Dextrose? Vitargo? Caffeine? Coconut Water?


I have a few barriers in that I am corn, barley and yeast intolerant (amongst much, much more - bloody leaky-gut!) which means (please correct me if i'm wrong) Dextrose (I can't find any from rice in the UK), D-Ribose and Vitargo are out of the question.


Would caffeine or coconut be enough? Should I be having BCAAs? Should I just stick to food? Is there anything I haven't mentioned?


Any guidance on my thoughts above would be much appreciated.


  • Brilliant. Thank you, Jason. Today I have some rice and coconut to eat at around 10am, then workout at around 12pm with some coconut water. Going forward I will get some BCAAs for pre. For my post-workout I will be using rice protein by Sun Warriror, unfortunately I am dairy (casein) intolerant so Whey is another barrier. At around 1:30pm I will have more rice, lamb and chard.


    I have noticed that I left off creatine and glutamine in my original post. Do you have any views on the two? Is creatine just an optional boost rather than a necessity? Is glutamine better pre or post, or both? Currently I have L-glutamine at plan to take it in my post-workout shake.

  • Creatine is great option to take and is research supported, I still take glutamine regardless of the lack of strong research, it's cheap insurance and good for gut health.



    Perfect, thanks again.


    Carbs massively helped today. Rice 2 hours before and a green tea half an hour before worked wonders! Will try the coconut water and creatine next time and compare.


    I have another question if you don't mind, considering I am literally just getting started with weights would you recommend a BBS style workout or a set/rep style? (Can't think of the right word for that) I guess my goal is just simply bulk up a little but would rather shorter term results which makes me think the set/rep would be more beneficial and rewarding?

  • Wow, fantastic! You're making this too easy for me (I'm sure I won't be saying that after the workouts though)... Thank you very much.


    I'll use the rest of the week to practice the movements and get my head around the correct form with the view to kick that off on Monday. I like the sound of 5-3-1 so think I will kick off with that style.

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