Any Alternatives? (Can't Buy Grass Fed Butter In Japan)

Hello, I've done intermittent fasting a little bit but have never been able to stick with it long enough to see results.

I am a woman, and I was unsure about IF being good for women, then I stumbled across the bullet proof diet.

I wanted to start this, but I live in Japan which is a problem. As I don't seem to be able to find grass fed butter anywhere. I can import coffee beans and MCT oil, but I doubt I can get butter from overseas.

Does anyone know of any other alternatives?? A way I could make IF really work without grass fed butter?

Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you!!


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    My question is, how is your financial situation? You can always order or have it shipped! If not you can substitute with Ghee, grass fed of coarse. I don't think butter will determine your fast, you can have coconut, avocado, olive oils/fats. If you don't have butter, the beneficial contents of the butter is all you will be missing. Can you get grass fed beef? I'm sure we can find a solution! Let me know! =)

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  • does I-herb ship to Asia?

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    My first experience with grass-fed beef was when I was living in Japan in '04-'05, and they had instituted a USA-beef ban because of BSE, and hence all available beef was Australian grass-fed. I wasn't eating dairy at that time so I don't remember any sources for butter, sorry. But I would guess that if you can't find any at your local grocery, you might find an import store which caters to foreign tastes (I remember one chain in Osaka that had lots of wines and cheeses, European brand cookies, etc.) then if they carry butter, it might just happen to be grass-fed, even if it isn't specifically marketed as such, if it is non-USA in origin. Good luck with your search!
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